We perform routine surgeries. Our most common procedures include spays, neuters, gastropexies and laceration repair.

Pre-operative blood work is available for all of our patients. We recommend, but we do not require blood work in apparently healthy, young animals.

Spays and gastropexies are invasive abdominal surgeries. All of these patients, as well as our canine neuters, receive IV catheters and IV fluids to support them during their procedure.

We have pain management protocols for all routine surgeries. Our approach to pain management is multi modal, meaning we incorporate multiple modalities. This includes local blocks, injectable opioids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS), laser, and cryotherapy.

We perform limited orthopedic surgeries. For advanced orthopedic surgeries, we work closely with a referral surgeon in Billings.

veterinarian hand holding wounded paw of english bulldog puppyCat and Vet