Horse with a foalWe are your family doctor for all of your horse’s needs from preventative care like floating teeth and vaccinations to lameness diagnosis and treatment. We can help with wellness exams, vaccinations, equine colic, lameness, floating teeth and castrations. Dentistry is one of our specialties. Ultrasound is offered and if your horse requires more advanced procedures, we work closely with board certified surgeons and internal medicine specialists to make sure that your horse gets the care that he or she needs.

Preventative Care

Dental exams are not just for old horses! Dental exams on your horse should start at the time of birth. It is important to make sure that your foal’s baby teeth are erupting properly and that there are no apparent congenital abnormalities. Your foal should have his teeth examined again at the time that your foal receives his first vaccination at 4 months old. Your horse’s teeth should be examined again at one year of age and 2 years old. It is amazing how sharp enamel points can be even at this age. At 2 years old, the wolf teeth can be removed, along with any loose caps.

Summer and fall are the most important times to have your horse protected against West Nile Virus. West Nile Virus is transmitted by mosquitos. Prevention of West Nile Virus centers around vaccination. Two vaccines separated by a 30 day period are required for initial protection from West Nile Virus. Your horse can then be boostered once to twice a year for West Nile protection.

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