Sports Medicine

Please let our receptionist know if you want to schedule a sports or rehab exam as they are specialized evaluations that require more time and preparation by our staff.

Dr. Bialon has an intense interest in canine sports medicine and rehabilitation. She is currently undergoing advanced training at the Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) and expects to be a certified rehabilitation therapist within the year. Dr. Bialon works with all levels of canine athletes, from the well-conditioned sport dog to the couch potato who enjoys throwing ball on the weekends.

Who can benefit?

iStock_000014280833XSmallGeriatric Patients

The number one reason that dogs are euthanized is inability to stand up. Our goal is to extend the quality of life of our pets for the time that they have with us. By identifying muscle groups that are weak and providing targeted exercises to strengthen these areas, we can not only improve the quality of our geriatric pets, but we can also extend their lives.

Canine Athletes

Our patients compete across many different venues, including agility, field trials, obedience, and herding. We work specifically with competitive athletes and working dogs to keep them performing at their peak. Whether your dog is suffering from an injury, or needs to maintain/gain fitness and strength, we can help your dog succeed.


This is a critical time to address breed and sport specific concerns that will impact your puppy for the rest of his or her life.

Patients recovering from injury or surgery

You would never run out and start playing softball again following an injury or surgical repair. Don’t set your dog up for failure or re-injury by letting them return to their daily life without rehabilitation. Muscle starts to atrophy as soon as it is not being used. Dogs need targeted exercises to return them to function without risk.

freeimage-751299What do you do?

All appointments start with an in depth history of the patient. We have a standard questionnaire that is very important for the evaluation. Dr. Bialon may also request video footage in advance if your dog is having specific problems with his or her sport. After reviewing the history, Dr. Bialon meets with you and your dog. She performs her exam and identifies specific areas that need to be addressed. Dr. Bialon then generates a complete report that states her findings and her recommendations. A copy of this report is provided to the owner. These areas are discussed with the owner and a treatment plan that is compatible with the owners lifestyle can be created.


Treatment plans can include the following: targeted exercises, modalities like massage, acupuncture, laser therapy. As little as ten minutes each day can make a HUGE difference in your dog’s musculature in a very short amount of time. And, the exercises are fun for both you and your dog.

Our exercises target:

General strengthening

Individual limb or muscle strengthening

Increasing endurance

Enhancing balance or proprioception

Neuromuscular re-education for weak or paralyzed patients