Puppy Teeth Can Stop Jaw Growth

“Penny” is a 2 month old Shih Tzu cross that was having problems eating hard food. When she came in for her dog grooming and puppy shots, one of her bottom canine teeth was in the wrong position and was poking a hole in her palate! The baby tooth is not only very sharp and causing Penny a lot of discomfort, but it is essentially locking her bottom jaw into place. Jaws have growth plates just like any other bone. When the jaw is locked into position every time Penny closes her mouth, the growth plate is also locked into position, and the jaw is unable to grow to its proper length.

We removed the offending tooth. Penny was under general anesthesia for this procedure. She received a long acting local block (similar to novocaine). She also received a combination of pain medication and anti-inflammatories to ensure that she recovered from the procedure comfortably!!

Hopefully, the jaw will now have time to grow and the adult canine tooth will erupt in the correct position!!