Emergency / After Hours

We are not an emergency clinic, but we do offer after hours services. To reach the vet on call, please call our clinic number. The answering machine will then direct you to the veterinarian on call.

If for some reason our phones are not functioning properly, you can call or text Dr. Bialon at (406) 679-1064 and she will help you reach the on-call veterinarian. PLEASE call the clinic first though.

Emergency Clinics in Billings for Small Animal and Equine:

If all of our vets are out of service, or if you have an emergency that can not wait, there are a number of Emergency Clinics located in Billings:

Small Animal:

1. Best Friends Animal Hospital 255-0500
2. Moore Lane Veterinary Hospital 252-4159
3. Shiloh Veterinary Clinic 412-3132


1. Lunde Equine 373-6642
2. Montana Equine 256-0123